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About Us


Health Naturally International was founded by Dr. Alok Nigam based on his belief that people need and deserve good and affordable care for chronic diseases. He spent most of his professional career in large medical companies and has helped develop many successful medical products.  

During this time he became convinced that a lifelong reliance on maintenance drugs and pharmaceuticals with multiple serious side effects to manage chronic diseases should not be the only option available for consumers. Dr. Nigam believes there is something inherently wrong when the list of side effects is longer than the list of benefits these drugs provide.

It is not in the best interest of patients to take pharmaceutical drugs for extended periods because it often further deteriorates their quality of life. Dr. Nigam feels that safe, performance therapies preferably from all-natural sources tested and validated through modern science and evidence based information to treat chronic diseases should be made available. Self-wellness and self-care should be an integral part of chronic disease management. Health Naturally was founded as a vehicle to achieve this goal. We believe that people should have affordable, effective options available to them for good health so they can enjoy their life to the fullest.


The mission of Health Naturally is to develop, and market, safe all natural health care products for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and make them available at affordable prices to consumers with minimal or no side effects.

To achieve this goal the company uses all-natural ingredients and standardized extracts to develop synergistic formulations that address the cause of a disease and not just manage its’ symptoms.  All formulations are subjected to scientific testing and evaluation for optimal performance and safety.  The company intends to empower consumers with options to take control of their health and wellness to be able to lead, healthier and more active lives.


The Company charter is to develop science and evidence based all-natural healthcare products that utilize the immense healing power hidden within nature. Product safety and performance is our primary operating guideline unlike the risk/reward philosophy of typical pharmaceutical drug development where risks are inherent. Misuse, overdose, or prolonged use can result in serious and sometimes harmful side effects.

The Company’s products enable the consumer to take control of their own health rather than entrust it to insurance companies or service providers. Our focus is to develop safe, efficacious products for diseases that have an origin in inflammation and oxidative stress.  Inflammation and oxidative stress are the root cause of over 80% of the all chronic diseases – including arthritis, arterioscleosis, heart disease, stroke asthma, cancer, Alzheimers, parkinsons, and diabetes.  



The Health Naturally brand and logo invokes proximity to nature, commitment to caring and a promise of good heath and well-being. The Health Naturally brand is a provider of safe and trusted products for self-wellness and self-care, derived from nature’s immense wealth. It allows people to live productive, healthy and active lives.