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Arthricept Affiliate Program

Arthricept Affiliate Program– Earn up to 15% Commission!

Partner with us and be part of a healthy cause. The Arthricept T topical cream and Arthricept oral supplement is an effective side effect-free combination therapy to help reduce and manage the pain and inflammation of arthritis.

Health Naturally International , the parent company of Arthricept, was founded by Dr. Alok Nigam based on his belief that people need and deserve good and affordable care for chronic diseases. He spent most of his professional career in large medical companies and has helped develop many successful medical products.

Dr Nigam became convinced that a lifelong reliance on maintenance drugs and pharmaceuticals with multiple serious side effects to manage chronic diseases should not be the only option available for consumers. It is not in the best interest of patients to take pharmaceutical drugs for extended periods because it often further deteriorates their quality of life. Dr. Nigam feels that safe, performance therapies preferably from all-natural sources tested and validated through modern science and evidence based information to treat chronic diseases should be made available. Self-wellness and self-care should be an integral part of chronic disease management. We believe that people should have affordable, effective options available to them for good health so they can enjoy their life to the fullest.

Our Affiliate program offers high commissions, dedicated support and quality content your customers will appreciate.

Joining is Easy & Free

Becoming a Arthricept Affiliate is always free. It’s quick and easy to join and you’ll start earning commissions immediately.

Earn up to 15% sales commission on new and repeat orders

Attribution of Orders

Arthricept gives order attribution to the channel/affiliate with the last click before an order occurs. If there is a click in-between the initial affiliate click and the Arthricept order, the Affiliate will not get credit for the order.

Program Requirements for Affiliate Sites

The Arthricept Affiliate program is designed to convert new customers by empowering Affiliates to post deals, promotions, new products and information that drive qualified prospects through text links, banners and product feeds.

With this in mind, Arthricept has a list of requirements that Affiliates need to meet:

  • A live website: The site must be owned by the Affiliate and live for 30 days.
  • The right target: A target audience of primarily women 25+ who share photos.
  • Location: Arthriceptcurrently ships to the United States and Canada.
  • Quality of traffic: Ability to drive highly qualified and high value customers to the site with a strong conversion rate.