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How it Works

How Arthricept™ Works

Arthricept™ Combination use delivers enhanced pain relief; 1 & 1 = 11

Arthricept™ is an all-natural pain management system. It delivers fast and long lasting pain relief.

Synergistic interaction of components in Health Naturally™products deliver effects that are many times higher than the effect of individual components resulting in enhanced product performance and faster pain relief. Some Components in Arthricept™ stimulate natural anabolic biocycles in the body to accelerate healing and repair, while some components are incorporated to slow down the site specific degradation process. Arthricept™ oral and topical products when used together reduce the site specific activity of cartilage degrading enzymes MMP’s (Matrix MetalloProtenaises). Breakdown of cartilage results in arthritis and pain. Simultaneous increased healing and repair and decreased tissue degradation – promote faster recovery and reduced pain.

Some components in Arthricept™ promote blood circulation which aids healing by bringing in nutrients and taking away metabolic waste. All Ingredients work in sync delivering the right combination, at the right levels to the diseased site enhancing the therapeutic effect and resulting in faster pain relief and benefits. When Arhtricept™ topical and oral product combination is used simultaneously it increases site specific activity and provides faster pain relief and healing. The product combination provides natural biological balance, assists in cellular detoxification, antioxidant balance, and helps strengthen and repair the body and provides relief. that

Arthricept™ contain significant levels of potent natural antioxidants

reduce free radical formation and prevent oxidative damage at the cellular level and act as protectant from the related diseases. Arthricept provides an “Improved quality of life and freedom to live an active, productive life”.

Arthricept™ Clinical Results


Protocol: Each Participant Used the Arthricept™ oral and Arthricept™ T topical cream
daily for 3 months.


  • Participants = 33
  • All severely compromised volunteers
  • Had recurring severe pain for at least six months
  • All were on pain meds and have gone through at least two other treatments including surgery
  • Were off narcotics or prescription blood thinners
  • Many had poor sleeping pattern due to pain


  • One Arthricept™ oral capsule twice a day with meals
  • Topical cream twice a day to the affected joints
  • No other restrictions were placed
  • Ibuprofen was allowed if needed to manage immediate pain


  • At the end of 30 days, 26 participants (80%) has seen significant benefit
  • At the end of 90 day study period 29 participants (87%) experienced great relief
  • 25 (75%) were completely pain free with increased flexibility and greater range of motion.
  • Could do most normal chores. Most continued on Arthricept™
  • No complications or prolonged side effects were observed.

Results you can expect using the Arthricept™ products

The goal of using the Arthricept™ products is to help eliminate core inflammation and not have to
manage pain symptoms the rest of your life. This focus means you can live your life pain free again.

  • Using the Arthricept T topical product. Depending on the seriousness of your condition you could begin to experience site specific pain relief within 1 – 2 hours after use. Our study data shows 50% of the participants began to experience immediate pain relief which lasted up to 10 hours. Pain relief using the Arthricept T cream on the hands and feet (fingers and toes) usually takes a longer period of use to feel results.
  • We recommend using the Arthricept T cream and Arthricept oral capsules (2 capsules/day) in combination for maximum benefits and relief of pain. The Arthricept oral product can provide side effect free, pain relief during the first month. Some people will begin to experience pain relief within weeks and some may take a few months. Pain relief will vary for each person depending on the seriousness of your condition and the length of time you have been experiencing pain. The Arthricept oral product is NOT a drug and takes time to raise levels of the natural antioxidant and antiinflammatory ingredients (curcumin and boswellia) to impact low-level, core inflammation to reduce your pain.
Clinical study results showed 85% of the participants using the Arthricept product combination daily
for three months felt a significant reduction or elimination of their pain and mor e mobility of their

  • We recommend using the Arthricept topical and oral combination daily for up to 6 months depending on your pain relief siyuation followed by a maintenance dose of 1 capsule daily to manage core inflammation and pain.
  • For best results apply Arthricept T cream as needed up to 3 times daily. Take the Arthricept™ oral capsules twice daily after a meal, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Side Effect Free Arthicept™ Use

  • Arthricept™ oral used in combination with Arthricept T topical cream was found to be highly effective and helped 87% of the participants with severe chronic pain not helped by other treatments
Arthricept™ products help relieve muscle and joint pain due to chronic inflammatory diseases like
Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel, back, neck and shoulder
pain, knee and elbow pain, pain in the hands and feet, pain due to overexertion, tennis elbow

  • Arthricept™ is safe and free of any known serious side effects
  • If you experience any abnormal reaction, stop using Arthricept™ immediately and consult your doctor
  • For best results use Arthricept™ oral capsule for a minimum 3-6 month period. Use one capsule twice a day with meals in the morning and evening
  • To prevent reoccurrence of pain symptoms after completing the 2 capsule/day regimen for 3 – 6 months we recommend a one capsule a day maintenance dose for up to a year or as needed
  • If symptoms reoccur revert back to the two capsule/day schedule
  • If necessary Ibuprofen can be used with Arthricept™ to help manage your pain
  • Arthricept™ should not be taken if you take narcotic pain killers or strong, prescription blood thinners
  • You should start to see measurable benefits in your conditions (pain and swelling) and improved joint mobility within 1 – 3 months
Arthricept™ is a safe all natural pain care treatment. It does not contain NSAIDs, steroids or narcotics

  • Arthricept™ ingredients (boswellia, turmeric and curcumin) have shown strong anti-inflammatory activity in various published clinical trials and research papers
  • Arthricept™ oral can be used alone, however, for more immediate site specific acute and chronic pain
    relief use the Arthricept™ T topical cream
  • Many people experience significant pain relief within one hour after an application of the Arthricept T
    topical cream and will continue to feel pain relief for up to 10 hrs. after use.