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Arth T
Arthricept_Oral_supplement_for_effective_joint_pain_relief.Arth T

Arthricept T Topical Cream


The Arthricept™ and Arthricept T™ Combination manages joint health safely and naturally to maintain an active lifestyle.


• Helps decrease joint pain, swelling and chronic joint conditions
• Improves daily activity, reduce joint stiffness, improve joint mobility and range of motion
• Manages the cause of muscle, joint pain and stiffness, not just the symptoms
• Safe to use with no known interactions or adverse side effects
• Helps manage back, neck and shoulder pain and inflammation due to injuries or normal aging

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Product Description

ArthriceptTM manages joint health safely and naturally to maintain an active lifestyle. The two Arthricept products work together in perfect harmony to deliver benefits many times greater than using each one individually. Arthricept’s unique liposomal system is formulated with natural actives which are delivered directly to the pain site through the skin for optimized product performance. The liposomes allow release of effective quantities of actives over extended periods to provide fast and long lasting treatment for arthritic and other pain.

Arthricept oral formulation is a synergistic combination of herb extracts including the Ayurvedic herbs, Boswellia and Curcumin (Turmeric) to help manage joint inflammation and chronic pain throughout the body. Unlike most OTC and prescription pain drugs, Arthricept products have no known adverse side effects. The Combination therapy also supports increased blood flow to affected sites and helps to promote healing. An open clinical evaluation using the Arthricept Combination (n=33) resulted in a significant reduction in pain and increased joint range of motion in 87% of the cases after three months of use. 75% of the subjects were completely pain free at the end of the three month study period. Modern life style and environmental factors result in higher levels of oxidative stress and free radicals that promote inflammatory conditions within the body. The Arthricept Combination treatment contains high concentrations of potent antioxidants which reduce oxidative stress and neutralize toxic free radicals. Make the Arthricept Combination part of your daily maintenance routine to reduce inflammation and take an active role to promote self-healing and improve your overall health.

Use Arthricept combination for both acute and chronic pain conditions and enjoy an active life.

Additional Information

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